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A projekt az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával, az Európa Terv keretében valósult meg

Business programmes in English

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers programmes for interntaional students on the following levels:



Undergraduate programmes

Business Administration and Management, BA

The aim of the programme is to prepare specialists in economics and business who, using the skills they have acquired in the fields of economics, social sciences, applied economics, methodology and their chosen specialisation, are able to plan and analyse the activities of business organisations and institutions, and to direct and organise the activities of managers and companies. Further, to provide students with the necessary background knowledge to continue to the second (MA) phase of the course.
Language of instruction: English
Duration of programme: 7 semesters
Admission requirements: secondary school certificate and successfully completed entrance exam

Graduate programmes

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

As a standard master programme in the field of business studies, MBA is a four semester full-time degree program taught entirely in English. In addition to university professors, business professionals are involved in education as well and by providing a hands-on approach, engage students in discussions during high-level yet practical seminars. These classes employ problem oriented teaching methods and use a range of case studies and situational exercises.


Language of instruction: English
Duration of programme: 4 semesters
Admission requirements: BA/BSc or equivalent and 2-3 years post-university work experience. See detailed requirements here.


Business Development, MSc

The aim of the MSc in Business Development is to train experts who are capable of analyzing the activities of enterprises and of solving the complex tasks of business development due to the acquired modern theoretical and methodological knowledge. At the same time, the graduates will possess high-level business development and managerial skills to be able to fulfil positions as middle and top managers in international business life.
Language of instruction: English
Duration of programme: 4 semesters
Admission requirements: BSc/BA degree preferably in the fields of applied economics, economic analysis, public services, trade and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting or tourism-catering.

Rural Development, MSc

The aim of the MSc in Rural Development is to train such experts who are capable of supervising the processes of production, distribution, control, organization and management in such a way which enables the optimal utilization of resources. The training places special emphasis on combining the recent research results of disciplines supporting rural development.


Language of instruction: English
Programme duration: 4 semesters
Admission requirements: BSc degree in environmental science or related field