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Debrecen, 2016. szeptember 19.

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A projekt az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával, az Európa Terv keretében valósult meg

Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences

Centre of Arts,
Humanities and Sciences
4032 Debrecen
Egyetem tér 1.
Tel.: +36 52 512 966
E-mail: tekeh@detek.unideb.hu
www.detek.unideb.hu (Hungarian)
Quick facts:



The Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences is a multidisciplinary coordinating unit within the University of Debrecen comprising seven academic faculties, two secondary and one primary schools and a number of interfaculty units (for instance, the European Studies Centre, student hostels, the Sports and Physical Education Centre, the nursery and day care establishments). Entrusted with economic self-government within the University, it serves as a coordinating and mediating forum, which represents unified interests in negotiations with external institutions. This training and economic coordination encompasses the research, innovation, development, education, teacher training, and external relations.
With a wide array of bachelor and master programmes the CAHS offers a wide selection of courses in the fields of humanities and sciences. With 12 doctoral schools the Centre also establishes the University as a major research university that makes a difference by facilitating cooperation and development with the various public and corporate entities. The Centre is also the professional base of teacher training at the University. The high standard of teaching is ensured by the exceptional academic staff, nine of whom are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Centre also runs a number of English language programs and hosts students from all around the world.
Studying at the CAHS can be academically fulfilling, professionally enriching and culturally interesting. CAHS offers quality programmes delivered by world-acclaimed teaching staff and develops close links with several universities and companies all over the world.
Office of the President
Prof. István Gaál
President of the CAHS
Office: Main Building II./228.
Tel.: +36 52 512 966


Prof. Péter Csorba
Vice President for Education and Teacher Training
Office: Main Building, groundfloor, room 14.
Tel.: +36 51 512 900 ext. 62095
E-mail: csorba.peter@tek.unideb.hu


Prof. Elek Bartha
Vice President for Science
Office: Main Building, groundfloor, room 17.
Tel.: +36 52 512 900 ext. 62440
E-mail: bartha.elek@tek.unideb.hu


Prof. Béla Szabó
Vice President for Strategic and International Affairs
Office: Main Building, groundfloor, room 17.
Tel.: +36 52 512 900 ext. 62250
E-mail: szabo.bela@tek.unideb.hu
For more information visit www.detek.unideb.hu (Hungarian) or http://englishstudies.sci.unideb.hu (English).