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Debrecen, 2016. szeptember 19.

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A projekt az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával, az Európa Terv keretében valósult meg

DEocaching International Competition

2012/03/30, Fri - 11:17

As part of the Centenary Events ( commemorating the centenary of the University’s foundation), the geocaching international race will take place between 9-11 March, 2012.



The event has become popular not only among professionals, but is also turning to be an amusing leisure activity for the public. Special ‘geocrates’ are  expected to be  discovered by GPS coordinates.


„We are organising a set of competitions and games for professionals (stamina tour, GPS-coordinates game) and for the open-minded higher education and secondary school students. We want to provide the opportunity to participate in groups of 1-5 people” – said Attila Fazekas. The Director of the Information Technology Centre of the University (and an active participant of the game for several years now) emphasised that the organisers invite everyone to take part, even those who are new to the game.